We understand the importance of time, money and space to businesses in London. In order to cater for this, we work quickly and effectively to remove commercial rubbish for very reasonable prices. By acting in this manner we have successfully maintained strong partnerships with numerous well known organisations.

We also recognise the importance of professionalism in the workplace. In many instances we have to go about our rubbish removal in customer facing areas or very quiet and productive offices. Wherever your rubbish is, we always act appropriately.

To minimize disruption to the commercial side of your business, we will commence with rubbish removal at a time that suits you. Before we start, we will inform you of exactly what the price will be and give you an estimate of how long it will take to complete.

If corporate social responsibility matters to your organisation then you will be pleased to learn that all rubbish removal undertaken by Capital Clutter is sorted into recyclables and non-recyclables. This means that any rubbish you have that doesn’t need to go landfill, won’t go to landfill.

The scale of the rubbish clearance jobs we undertake for corporate clients really does vary. Sometimes we may just be tasked with the removal of a few computers or other bits of WEEE waste (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Other times we may be responsible for a total office clearance; where we take everything including the carpets from a specified room or building. Please note with regards to the WEEE waste that we are fully licensed to deal with it.

So if you have anything unwanted hanging around your London office – furniture, whiteboards, monitors, boxes etc. – please do give us a call. We hope that you’ll be so impressed with our rubbish collection that you’ll care to use us again and again.

If you run a business that needs rubbish removal services on a regular basis then we are very used to working on a retained basis, so we then visit you at regular intervals or whenever you request some help. London property companies, in particular, take note; Capital Clutter can partner with you! Please just get in touch to discuss this with one of our founders.


Contact 0800 644 0300 for a free no obligation quotation for all your commercial rubbish clearance and collection matters.