Commercial Waste Collection

At Capital Clutter we have worked very hard to be able to offer all of our clients – regardless of size – a truly comprehensive commercial waste collection service. As I’m sure you can imagine, being able to offer this in London is challenging to say the least, so we are really proud that we are able to offer such a breadth of waste clearance services to all types of businesses.

Commercial clutter on the streets, in our homes and in our offices is bad news for the environment and incredibly damaging to our sense of civic pride. When we occasionally collect illegally dumped rubbish from the streets of London, we are more often than not thanked repeatedly by local residents who have in many cases felt embarrassed about the situation. We sympathise with them.

This highlights the importance of having really reliable and fairly priced rubbish collection services. Although those may initially seem plentiful, when you scrape behind the respectable veneer of many waste disposal companies you quickly realise that they don’t recycle, that the staff are untrained and that they don’t leave your property in the state that you would expect.

Fortunately, we exist! We have relationships with some fantastic companies and we are eager to foster the creation of more. We remove nearly everything they don’t want and the usual items for removal include things like bin bags of food waste and old packaging.

Importantly, we recognise that good businesses are ones built on repeat business. As such, we are very aware of the need to provide all of our commercial customers with genuine value for money.

So the next time you are faced with a mountain of waste and need it collected then please consider giving waste removal specialists Capital Clutter a go.

Use Capital Clutter for all your commercial waste collection needs. Call 0800 644 0300 for a free no obligation quotation for all your house clearance and rubbish clearance matters.