DIY Homemade Paper

We’re all encouraged not to throw away our paper products so that it can be recycled properly in your community. Although it’s still a driving force in deforestation, total paper consumption in the United States has dropped. Americans continue to consume more paper than any other country! But did you know you can recycle paper yourself? Photographer and creator of Kiss the Groom, Elizabeth Messina shows us how making your own paper is fun and environmentally friendly. It’s fairly easy to make and you already have the hardest part down- gathering the paper to recycle. Some other supplies you’ll need include:

  • Sponge
  • Window screening (mold)
  • Old wood picture frame
  • Plastic basin large enough to fit the frame
  • Blender or food processor
  • White felt or flannal fabric
  • Staples or tacks

You can add extra ingredients (fresh herbs, greens or flowers) to your paper mix to change it’s texture or color. Add some spinach to make green colored paper or marigolds for yellow paper. The color from rose petals spreads around into interesting designs. You can get as creative as you like! For complete instructions on DIY homemade paper, visit Elizabeth’s blog at

If you want to stop receiving junk mail, you can take action by using an app called PaperKarma. Just take a simple picture of the junk mail you wish to no loner receive and the app does the work for you! After a few weeks, you’ll start noticing your junk mail becoming lighter and lighter. Mother Earth will surely appreciate it!

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