On a daily basis Capital Clutter removes all sorts of domestic rubbish from homes across London.

The size of these waste removal projects varies greatly. Sometimes we go to households to just remove one item like an old washing machine or fridge, whilst other times we will be responsible for an entire house clearance.

We know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to dealing with the logistics of domestic rubbish removal and with the subsequent recycling that’s involved. We feel that we have the entire process honed down to a fine art.

When we come to your home we will firstly have a chat with you to make sure we know precisely what scale of rubbish collection services you’ll need. We take great care to be very attentive because we appreciate that you may have had to rearrange your daily plans or travel across half of London to talk to us. You should note, though, that we are very flexible when it comes to collection times, so please do tell us if you have a preferred time at which you’d like us to visit and we’ll be more than happy to oblige.

Once we have analysed the amount of clutter that you want removing we will tell you our exact price.

To really speed the rubbish clearance process up, if possible, it is a good idea to have your rubbish in clearly labelled piles. This can shave significant amounts of time off the length of the job.

In terms of what we remove from domestic clients, the list is varied. In our experience we’d say that the most common things are furniture, white goods, cookers, clothing, cardboard boxes and garden items. If you are unsure whether we will be able to remove something then please just ring us up and we’ll let you know instantly.

When house clearance has been done properly the benefits can be profound. With rooms empty and gardens tidy, not only are people happier, but they are richer as well. Certainly in London, good rubbish removal can dramatically increase the value of your home even before you consider doing other work to it.


Use Capital Clutter for all your rubbish removal needs. Call 0800 644 0300 for a free no obligation quotation for all your house clearance and rubbish clearance matters.