Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Wearing jewelry is a means of self expression and it all started with our ancestors. People began wearing jewelry for many different reasons: to show a sign of social status, appeal to potential mates or for religious purposes. Today, wearing jewelry is more of an act of expressing who you are. By choosing eco-friendly jewelry, you’re not only expressing yourself but you’re sharing with others why you choose to “go green” with your jewelry.

We did some research for where you can find eco-friendly jewelry that will make you “go green” with envy!

Start from the top, left to right:

(1) Alexis Russell uses recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones to bring out a modern yet natural design, like this hand bracelet.

(2) Raven and Lily earring were handmade from pieces of recycled metals from melted-down bullet casings.

(3) Prismera uses recycled steel in all their pieces.

(4) Necklace by Honey Rose & K made from repurposed vintage jewelry pieces from antique stores or flea markets.

(5) Alex and Ani jewelry is made in the USA with sustainable materials and eco-friendly processes.

(6) Ring by Tracie Pennypacker, from Love It, uses 96% vintage materials and environmentally friendly techniques.

Why choose eco-friendly jewelry? Mining and extraction processes of natural resources results in greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, and soil erosion. Buying environmentally friendly jewelry reduces pollutants and results in more upcycling and recycling. Plus, it makes your jewelry collection more unique and one-of-a-kind thanks to all jewelry designers who care for the environment. The next time you’re in need for new jewelry, there’s always eco-friendly choices out there. Reduce, reuse and recycle!

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