Rubbish Collection in Chelsea

Since we began Capital Clutter we’ve been serving the residents and businesses of Chelsea. It’s a delight to work in this area and keep it clean by making sure that peoples rubbish collection problems are properly sorted out. The sorts of junk we remove from this area of London is varied but predominantly we are dealing with homeowners, property developers and businesses.

We’re always very pleased to help the actual residents of Chelsea with any rubbish removal tasks they need taking care of. We’re often left in charge of removing garden waste and unwanted possessions which have just been gathering dust and taking up valuable space.

Our rubbish collection services are used greatly by property developers across London and in particular Chelsea. We are able to help them get rid of virtually anything they don’t want. We acknowledge the speed at which work like this needs to be done, so that’s why our drivers are trained so that they know the road network very well.

We are also well versed in working with many of the top notch shops in Chelsea, many of which sell huge amounts of product so are left with huge amounts of unwanted and bulky packaging. We can come and help you get rid of any rubbish like this in a way which causes minimum disruption to your business.

What’s really great is that we can give you all of this from as little as £35! This means that we are one of the cheapest providers of rubbish removal services in London and – when you take into account fuel – it’s probably more cost efficient to use us that doing the work yourself.

If you’re based in Chelsea, or anywhere else within then M25, then be sure to give us a ring on 0203 432 3812. We look forward to hearing from it!