Rubbish Collection in Wandsworth

Located just a stone’s throw from our HQ, the whole Capital Clutter team know green and pleasant Wandsworth intimately. This means that we know how best to deal with rubbish collection for homes or businesses and that we know where the local recycling centres are for us to use. This all saves us time, which saves you money.

We help both businesses and residents in Wandsworth, but given the nature of the borough, local residents are clearly who we spend most of our collecting rubbish for. Often we travel to clients and go about clearing relatively small piles of rubbish left outside the front door whilst many other times we will go along to a house and almost gut it. We treat the rubbish removal process in the same methodical way, though. We look at the task in hand, form a price, remove the rubbish, clean up after ourselves and then go about recycling what when we can.

In Wandsworth we are often doing garden clearance jobs on top of this. These vary in size once again, but more often than not they are relatively large in scale. We will remove tree trunks which have been chopped up and piles of clippings among other objects. This type of rubbish collection can often be time consuming for people to do in their day to day lives, as it has to be treated in a very specific manner. So Capital Clutter can therefore free up people weekends as they don’t have to worry about it.

If you live in the Wandsworth area of London then please do call us for a chat about our services on 0203 432 3812. We can give you more detail about timings and prices. We’re more than happy to give you a no obligation quotation for free as well, so please get in touch!