Rubbish Removal in Greenwich

For years Capital Clutter has had a particularly active presence across the historic area of Greenwich. This part of South East London is always interesting to work in because of the stunning buildings on the Thames and the truly mixed type of jobs we carry out here for businesses and residents.

We are often asked by the residents of Greenwich to clear out their gardens and old sheds so that they can free up space to enjoy the outdoors. We relish these types of rubbish removal jobs because they please clients in an instant once they see just how much more space they are now free to enjoy in good weather. A clean garden free of rubbish also increases the value of a property, so after paying a small amount to Capital Clutter they can boast of their property having increased by x thousand pounds – a pretty good deal I’m sure you’ll agree!

Greenwich businesses usually get our team to help out with general commercial rubbish like boxes, WEEE waste and old office furniture. We always make an extra effort to cause minimal disruption to your working day so we conduct all our work around your schedule. We hope this illustrates to you a level of thoughtfulness and professionalism which is present in our rubbish removal work not only across Greenwich, but London as a whole.

Another example of this can be seen in the fact that we regularly provide potential clients with free quotes for a rubbish collection job they need to be dealt with. We fully understand that this helps them better gauge the prices in the market place and we are pleased to say that – given our are so low – they virtually always come back to us.

Do you want a free quote or a general discussion about how we ensure that as much of our waste is recycled? If so, we’d be thrilled to have a talk with you over the phone or via email. To call us please ring 0203 432 3812.