Rubbish Removal in Kensington

The Capital Clutter team have been driving back and forth through Kensington helping people with their rubbish removal issues since our initial inception as a company. We’ve helped hotels, locals, museums and businesses right across the borough, so we know both the geography of the area and the nearest recycling centres in great detail.

This helps speed the whole process of rubbish removal up by quite a lot which results in Capital Clutter being able to deliver a more time efficient and professional service in this part of London. The most common rubbish problems we help solve are for the residents of Kensington. More often than not, we are left to remove rubbish left behind by previous residents of a property. As with all the types of rubbish we remove, once it’s all in our vans we’ll brush up the floor just to make sure your room is left looking neat and tidy. Please note that we also remove WEEE rubbish as well as other heavy and awkward items like fridges.

For businesses in the Kensington area we offer an equally comprehensive service which we are extremely proud of. We can remove their rubbish very quickly and we always go to extreme care to ensure that the disruption caused by our presence is absolutely minimal.

There are two things that separate us from the competition in the waste management sector: price and ethical focus. In terms of price, we offer brilliant value for money for anyone – especially when the famous Capital Clutter levels of service are considered. It really will be hard to find someone who can do the sort of rubbish removal we do at the price we charge customers.

We are also committed to recycling as much of the rubbish we remove from your building as possible. We have healthy relations with London’s top recycling centres specifically so we can go about doing this.

Wherever you are in Kensington, give us a ring and we can have a chat over you rubbish removal job in some detail before giving you a free no obligation quotation: 0203 432 3812