Upcycling Old Trophies

The idea of awarding someone with a trophy dates back to the Olympic Games during the Greek and Roman times. Their trophies consisted of laurel wreaths, amphoras and money! The most basic form consists of a cup with handles but over the years it’s changed to many different things, like sports balls or figurines.

Over the years, you’ve probably earned your share of trophies. But where are they now? Probably sitting in your closet at home or stuffed in a box in the basement. Believe it or not, you can still show-off all your awards by upcycling old trophies. See what you can do with your old trophies with some of the upcycling ideas below.

In order from left to right and top to bottom:

Bottle toppers from www.decoradventures.com

Spray painted modern art decor via www.designsponge.com

Vintage centerpieces via www.elegala.com

Trophy coat rack by www.designsponge.com

Upside down candle sticks and “paper covered” trophy vases via diy.allwomenstalk.com

Also, if you prefer to have your old trophies be refurbished into new ones, then check out www.recycleyourtrophy.com.

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